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Operative Photos of Implant Insertion

1. The device placement is planned.  The surgeon ensures that the device is inserted in an ideal position.  It must be placed far enough away from the ear itself to avoid any contact of the ear and the hearing device while also considering other factors such as use of a baseball cap.  Significant attention is placed during this step to ensure an optimal placement.

2. The incision is plotted. A single linear incision is typically used.
3. The area is prepared for the surgery.  A piece of tape is gently placed over the forehead to immobilize the head during the procedure.  Note that the patient is fully awake and conscious and only receives extra oxygen through a nasal cannula.

4. Local anesthesia (Lidocaine 1%) is used to anesthetize the entire area.  The patient receives intravenous sedating medication delivered by the anesthesiologist during this part of the procedure and does not sense any of the discomfort of anesthetizing the entire area.  This allows the procedure to be completely “pain-free”.  After this is completed, there will be no sensation to the entire area for the duration of the procedure. 

5. The incision is made and the skin is thinned.  Excess soft tissue is removed to allow the post to accept the hearing aid more efficiently.

6. The implant is placed within the bone of the skull.

7. The implant abutment has been inserted into the bone and the skin incision is ready to be repaired. 

8. The incision is repaired.  Several layers of closure are performed.  There will be no sutures to remove in the healing period.

9. A dressing is placed and will be worn for the next 1-2 weeks.

10. A cap is placed over the abutment post and keeps the dressing in place during the healing period.

11. A cup dressing is applied and the patient is taken to the recovery room where he will be discharged home.

12. The first follow up is typically in 1-2 weeks.

13. This is the wound after 1 week of healing.  The skin incision is healing very well and the patient will keep the area clean during this phase.  The patient will be seen back after approximately 1-2 months and the hearing device will then be fitted on the abutment post. 

14. Follow up 6 weeks after surgery.

15. The titanium implant is integrated and the processor is in good position.

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7777 Forest Lane, Suite A-103, Dallas, TX 75230 | Phone: (972) 566-7600 | Fax: (972) 566-6560 | www.dallasear.com