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Otology, Neurotology, and The Hearing Center


Adult and Pediatric Otology

We provide the highest level of diagnostic, surgical and rehabilitation services in all areas of Otology at the Dallas Ear Institute. We are committed to your complete experience in caring of your hearing and ear problems. Our pediatric surgical facilities provide state of the art care for the child undergoing surgery, including pediatric anesthesiologists and nurses. Our support consulting staff includes geneticists, developmental pediatricians, pediatric neuroradiologists, pediatric neurosurgeons, pediatric neurologists, pediatric allergy/immunologists, cranio-facial surgeons, and auditory verbal therapists. At the Dallas Ear Institute, taking great care of children is our passion.


Cochlear Implant program

The Cochlear Implant Team at Dallas Ear Institute is a group of hearing specialists who provide the highest level of diagnostic, surgical, and rehabilitation services in all areas of cochlear implantation. The staff consists of neurotologic surgeons, audiologists, speech-language pathologists, auditory-verbal therapists, psychologists, and insurance reimbursement specialists.

Over 1000 patients have had cochlear implants placed by our surgeons and have been cared for by our team of specialists. In the last year, we performed over 1000 implants.

Cochlear Implant Program

Hearing Aids & Hearing Loss

The Hearing Center at Dallas Ear Institute is your source for the most advanced hearing technology from professional, trusted hearing experts. There are many factors you need to consider when choosing a hearing aid. Understanding your hearing needs and the various hearing aid devices available is essential to choosing the right solution for your specific needs. Our hearing doctors will help you find the most appealing and comfortable device. The first step in finding the right solution for your hearing loss is to call our office to schedule a hearing evaluation.

We offer hearing devices from all major manufacturers. Our hearing experts constantly evaluate all device options to ensure we are offering our patients the best possible solutions. Current hearing aid technology is capable of helping you hear better in even the most challenging and noisy listening environments.

We also provide a Premium Care Plan to ensure that the solution we choose for your hearing loss continues to work well for you throughout the life of the hearing device

Hearing Aids and Hearing Loss

Bone Conduction Hearing Systems