Selecting Your Hearing Healthcare Provider

Are All Hearing Aid Providers the Same?

No. Many hearing providers do not have the education and experience necessary to expertly care for individuals with hearing loss. Assessing your hearing can be very complicated, and making the correct recommendations from a treatment standpoint is critical in ensuring your hearing health. At the Dallas Ear Institute, all possible causes of hearing loss are considered and all treatment options (medication, surgical intervention, hearing aids, assistive listening devices) are explored. Because you will be cared for by experienced, licensed audiologist in conjunction with board-certified ear physicians, all aspects of your hearing impairment will be treated. We have the newest and most advanced testing systems in addition to state of the art treatment options for your hearing loss.

What Makes the Dallas Ear Institute Doctors Experts?

All of the Dallas Ear Institute physicians are fellowship-trained, board-certified ear specialists. In addition, all of the audiologists have completed a doctorate program in audiology and have extensive experience dealing with hearing loss. Their certifications are considered the highest level in medical specialty training in the hearing field. In fact, they see some of the most complex and difficult cases of hearing loss, allowing them to make the best recommendation for your specific impairment, no matter the cause or extent. Many other hearing aid centers do not have this level of training and only work with basic forms of hearing aids/amplification. Our team is trained on all types of intervention and devices including surgically implantable devices. The Hearing Center at Dallas Ear Institute doctors dedicate 100% of their time to ear and hearing care, making them some of the best in the world.

Why is a hearing assessment at The Hearing Center at Dallas Ear Institute better for me than the other options?

The Dallas Ear Institute Hearing Center doctors are completely dedicated to providing complete, coordinated care for your hearing health. Because the physicians and audiologists work together in one Institute, you are provided optimal care for your hearing loss. Whether your type of hearing loss is best suited for hearing aids or an implanted device, you will have all options available to you. As experts in the field of hearing science and hearing rehabilitation, the professionals at The Hearing Center at Dallas Ear Institute are the providers that you should trust with your hearing needs.