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Forms & Instructions

Forms and Instructions

Dallas Ear Institute welcomes you to our patient section. Please take the time to review the New Patient Preparation and options to download, print and complete our New Patient forms.

Medical Records Release Forms

Medical Records Release TO Dallas Ear Institute

Medical Records Release FROM Dallas Ear Institute

Procedure and Surgery Instructions Forms (downloads alphabetical order)

Adult Auditory Brainstem Response Instructions 

SEDATED ABR Instructions - 6 months to 4 years 

UNSEDATED ABR Instructions - newborn to 6 months 

Atresia Repair Risk & Complications 

Baha Consent Form

Baha Post Operative Care

Balance Canal Occlusion Surgery Risk and Complications 

Balance Training Exercises

Brandt and Daroff Exercises

Cochlear Implant Initial Steps 

Cochlear Implant Expectations Pediatric 

Cochlear Implant Expectations Adult 

Cochlear Implant Risk & Complications 

Cochlear Implant Post-Op Instructions 

Cerumen Impaction Instructions

Electrocochleography (ECOG) Instructions

Endolymphatic Sac Surgery Post Operative Instructions

Endolymphatic Sac Surgery Risk and Complications 

Facial Nerve Decompression or Repair 

Gentamicin Inner Ear Perfusion - Risk and Complications 

How To Use Ear Drops Properly

Infratemporal Fossa Surgery Risk and Complications 

Labyrinthectomy and Endolymphatic Sac Surgery Instructions After Surgery 

Labyrinthectomy Risks and Complications 

Myringotomy and Tympanostomy Ear Tube Placement Instructions

Myringotomy Risks & Complications of Surgery 

Patulous Eustachian Tube Risks and Complications

Perfusion of the Inner Ear 

Perilymphatic Fistula Risk and Complications 

Sedated Discharge Instructions 

Stapedectomy Risks and Complications

Stapedectomy Post Operative Instructions 

Tympanoplasty/Mastoidectomy Instructions After Surgery 

Tympanoplasty/Mastoidectomy Risk and Complications 

Week 1 Postoperative Tympanoplasty/Mastoidectomy Instructions

Week 4 Postoperative Tympanoplasty/Mastoidectomy Instructions

Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potentials (VEMP)

Vestibular Neurectomy Risk & Complications 

VNG Frequently Asked Questions