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The Hearing Center Difference

We Are the Leaders Hearing Aids and Hearing Loss


Complete Coordinated Care

  • Because there are so many options when it comes to taking care of hearing loss, it is very important for patients to educate themselves about their hearing providers.
  • Having both physicians and audiologists taking care of your hearing needs allows you a complete coordinated approach to better hearing and enhanced quality of life.
  • As experts in the field of hearing science and hearing restoration, the professionals at The Hearing Center at Dallas Ear Institute are the providers that you can trust with your hearing needs.

Board-Certified Ear and Hearing Professionals

  • Our physicians are Board-Certified in Otolaryngology, with a subspecialty board certification in Otology/Neurotology, disorders of the ear and hearing system. Our physicians have spent years training to take care of ear disease and hearing loss.
  • Our Audiologists are all licensed in the field of audiology and experts in the assesment and management of hearing loss.
    Full evaluation and treatment of dizziness and balance disorders.

Customized Treatments

  • Treatment plans are made based on your specific needs—these plans are customized for the problems you are experiencing.
  • Solutions even for the most difficult hearing loss can be found at The Hearing Center at Dallas Ear Institute.

Innovative Treatments

  • In addition to the comprehensive care you will receive, our professionals offer all of the most innovative options for your hearing needs.
  • We offer the latest in hearing aid technology; including Implantable state-of-the-art hearing devices.

The Hearing Center at Dallas Ear Institute Difference

  • Fellowship-Trained, Board Certified Ear Physicians
  • Experienced Doctors of Audiology
  • Complete, coordinated care for your hearing health
  • 100% of Physicians and Audiologists completely dedicated to ear and hearing care
  • Innovative and state of the art hearing solutions