The world of hearing aids can be confusing and overwhelming. You may be one of the many people reaching up from under a mountain of hearing aid advertisements and crying “Help! Where do I start!?”. That question and others may be answered with an assessment of your hearing and a consultation with a licensed audiologist.

Navigating hearing aid choices

The details of your hearing loss will help you and your audiologist determine what hearing aid or aids would best meet your hearing needs. An in-depth diagnostic hearing test will tell us the type (outer, middle, or inner ear involvement), the degree (how severe and what sounds are you missing), and the shape (low, middle, or high frequencies affected) of your hearing loss.  These details help an experienced audiologist narrow your choices for you so you can achieve optimal hearing for your circumstances.  In the world of hearing aids, there are many brands, styles, power levels, and even colors to choose from!

An audiologist will also consider your anatomy, your listening needs, and your personal preferences. Do you have tiny ear canals?  Is it critical for you to hear in large meetings or reverberant auditoriums? Are you a musician? Do you want something that enables direct streaming to your iPhone? Do you wonder if there is an app for that? Are you concerned with the visibility of a hearing aid? Do you have dexterity issues? Are you looking for a bright red hearing aid to match your car? All of these things are important considerations that will be addressed in your Hearing Aid Evaluation.

At Dallas Ear Institute, we work with a wide variety of major hearing aid manufacturers in order to meet the diverse needs of our patient population. Each of the manufacturers we work with have their strengths, and our audiologists knowledge and experience allow them to guide you to the best choice for your condition and context. We strive to offer a personalized and tailored hearing solution to each individual. We look forward to working with you to help make the hearing aid process one that is pleasant and supportive. This process is about you, your life, and your connection to the world. Make an appointment today with one of our audiologists, so we can walk beside you on your journey to better hearing!

For more information or services provided, please schedule an appointment with an ear specialist.

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