Many people struggle for years before seeking help with a hearing condition. Many times they decide to seek help when encouraged by a friend and/or family member. Some worry that having a hearing loss will make them seem “old”. While it is true that hearing loss can be a part of the normal aging process, hearing loss can impact people of all ages. Today’s technology is completely different than that of the past and can allow users to stay engaged and active…allowing them to feel younger!

Advances in hearing technology has led to devices becoming smaller and more comprehensive. Allowing users to not only hearing others around them much better (even among noise), but also allowing them to do things like stream a phone call or music through the hearing devices or control their devices through an app on their phone. Devices come in many shapes and sizes. Some are completely invisible and can even be worn while sleeping and showering.

One of the most popular styles called Receiver in the Canal (RIC), have a small piece that sits on the back of the ear and a small wire sitting in the ear. RIC devices have become very small, stylish, and blend in with hair and skin, making them virtually unnoticeable. There a many other styles available which makes selecting the right device for each individual a complex process. It is important to seek a consultation with an audiologist (including a comprehensive hearing test) for assistance in choosing the device that adequately address your degree/type of hearing loss while also meeting your lifestyle needs.

If you are straining to hear your friends and loved ones, don’t wait to seek help. Even if you’re not sure you are ready to pursue a hearing device, it is always a good idea to obtain a baseline for your hearing. You will likely be pleasantly surprised by today’s options and excited to experience a full range of sound again. For further information regarding the treatment of hearing loss, Schedule an appointment with an audiologist. The expert team and Dallas Ear Institute looks forward to helping you!

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