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The Dallas Ear Institute provides comprehensive adult and pediatric services with disorders of the ear and hearing

Laser Ear Surgery

Laser Ear SurgeryPhysicians at the Dallas Ear Institute utilize the latest laser technology to operate on the ear and skull base. Laser surgery involves cutting or treating tissue with an intense, concentrated beam of light. Laser beams vaporize target tissue by evaporating the water inside its cells. Due to its unique physical characteristics, CO2 laser energy is used by surgeons because it provides high precision and control during surgery.

CO2 laser offers surgeons a no-touch dissection tool, ideal for use around the delicate structures of the middle ear. The Dallas Ear Institute physicians utilize this tool in the treatment of many middle ear diseases, including otosclerosis and cholesteatoma, to allow precise and delicate treatment of the underlying problem. By using the laser, your physician is able to more safely treat the underlying problem, enhancing hearing results and surgical outcomes.

Co2 Laser Ear SurgeryIn stapedectomy surgery for otosclerosis, the laser is used to remove the fixed stapes bone with minimal trauma to surrounding structures. In addition, the technology is used to make an opening into the inner ear with precision that only the laser can afford. By decreasing manipulation of the hearing bones, outcomes after surgery may be improved. In addition, the handheld CO2 laser technology can be utilized in patients with chronic ear disease. In these patients, the laser allows removal of diseased tissue with no-touch dissection and the potential for decreased recurrence of disease.

The combined cutting, ablation, and microvascular coagulation capabilities of the handheld CO2 laser system allows for efficient yet delicate, layer-by-layer removal of diseased tissue. Of critical importance, the no-touch dissection that is afforded by the laser technology can be performed without vibrational trauma to the hearing bones within the inner ear, making this a safer procedure. The Dallas Ear Institute physicians often utilize this cutting-edge technology to treat patients with ear disease.