Neurotology / Skull Base Surgery

The Dallas Ear Institute provides comprehensive services for patients undergoing surgery for tumors and other lesions of the base of skull and ear area. These disorders, such as acoustic neuromas, glomus jugulare tumors, vascular loop abnormalities, facial nerve neuromas, and petrous apex abnormalities, are best managed by a surgical team with neurotologic training and highly experienced in treatment of these unique conditions.

Our team approach allows us to deliver the most successful care with the least risk to associated structures. With the use of sophisticated monitoring techniques during surgery, the ability to potentially spare hearing and other important nerves associated with these conditions has been markedly increased. New advanced endoscopic and minimally invasive techniques, together with image guidance systems, enable us to address these problems with less patient morbidity. Our surgical team includes neuroradiologists, neuroanesthesiologists, adult and pediatric neurosurgeons, cranio-facial reconstructive surgeons, neuro-monitoring technicians, and a team of neurosurgical and intensive care nurses.