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Is My Yoga Class Making Me Dizzy?

Many people find yoga classes relaxing.  They may provide improved flexibility and fitness, better circulation, improved immune systems, and stress relief just to name a few benefits.  But have you ever found yourself dizzy during yoga?  Maybe you had to avoid a certain position or couldn’t finish the class.  If so, you are not alone.

Frequently Asked Questions About Cholesteatoma

What Is a Cholesteatoma? A cholesteatoma is a skin cyst that occurs in the middle ear. When certain risk factors are present, the ear drum becomes floppy and retracted. This creates a pocket in the middle ear that collects skin cells and skin debris. What Causes a Cholesteatoma? Certain risk factors create a favorable situation

Top 3 Ways to Prevent Ear Pain on Your Next Flight

Flying can be difficult for your ears. Problems that arise during or after flying are helped by understanding them. There are some easy tips that can prevent them all together. Most problems are related to the Eustachian tube. It is a paired structure (one for each ear) that connects the middle ear (behind the eardrum) to

Can Wearing a Hearing Aid Make My Hearing Worse?

Before wearing new hearing devices, many patients cautiously ask if wearing hearing aids will make them dependent on the devices or damage their hearing. Often patients will return after wearing their new hearing aids for a few weeks and say “Help! My hearing has worsened! I cannot hear without my hearing aids!” While it seems

What Is Leaking From My Ear?

Anyone who has experienced drainage from their ear can tell you what an unpleasant experience it is. It can cause stains on your pillow or the collar of your shirt. It can be associated with hearing loss. It may even come with ear pain. It often leaves the sufferer wondering: what is leaking from my

Do You Hear That? Noises in My Ear That No One Else Hears

Have you ever heard a sound that no one else hears? You are not alone. There are many sounds that can be heard in the ears or head. Some are benign. Others may be need to be evaluated. All can be concerning if you have never experienced a sound no one else hears. One category


The world of hearing aids can be confusing and overwhelming. You may be one of the many people reaching up from under a mountain of hearing aid advertisements and crying “Help! Where do I start!?”. That question and others may be answered with an assessment of your hearing and a consultation with a licensed audiologist.


These days, everything you could ever want can be delivered directly to your door: clothes, books, even fresh groceries! We live in a world where purchasing items online is easy and is quickly becoming our standard way of shopping. So, can this means also be applied to medical equipment? Say… to a hearing aid? Consider


Hearing aids come in many shapes and sizes. Behind the ear or in the ear, large or small… beige, black, or blue. What does an audiologist consider when recommending a hearing aid style for your ear? Your specific type and degree of hearing loss, individual anatomy, and personal needs have everything to do with it.