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Blog post by Dallas Ear Institute


Connectivity and Accessories

You may have heard the latest tech rumor about hearing aids:  Many are now iPhone compatible.  (Isn’t everything?)  Several hearing aid manufacturers have partnered with Apple to offer direct streaming from iPhone to hearing aid as well as the use of a remote-control app for both iPhone and Android users.

Direct streaming can be extremely helpful when making and receiving phone calls.  The phone rings through the hearing aids, and the caller’s voice is heard directly in your ears and amplified according to your hearing aid settings.  Your hearing aids are now a highly personalized Bluetooth headset!  Your voice is picked up by your mobile phone microphone.  You can also add a remote microphone accessory clipped to your lapel for completely hands-free phone calls.

Not only is direct streaming the latest technology, but it also makes hearing on the phone effortless.  For people with hearing loss, this can be a huge relief.  No more trying to get that iPhone receiver over your hearing aid microphones, missing a call because you didn’t hear it ring, or being unable to hear the caller over background noise.   This technology makes your hearing aids both daily listening devices as well as a Bluetooth headset with you at all times.  It is a complete listening system.

The direct streaming function also works with music, videos, or any other media you play from your iPhone.  Watch movies on your iPad.  Listen to an audiobook while you take a walk.  Hear your favorite song as you move from room to room in your home.  Just be sure you aren’t singing along too loudly in the grocery store!

Remote-control apps are available for both iPhone and Android users.  These apps offer volume control and program changes in the palm of your hand.  Those around you will not even know you are adjusting your hearing aids!

Most hearing aid manufacturers also offer a TV streaming device.  This device connects to your TV, allowing it to send a wireless signal to your hearing aids.  Hearing the TV directly cuts down on difficulty that may be caused by poor room acoustics or background noise and allows you to keep the TV volume at a comfortable level for others in your home.

There are many options for connecting your hearing aids to the technology around you: phones, TV’s, computers, etc.Call (972) 566-7359 to Make an appointment with our audiologists at Dallas Ear Institute to learn more about what options may help you connect better to your world!